Wedding Hair

I get a real buzz from Weddings. Helping the bride and bridesmaids, not forgetting the mothers too (!)  get exactly the right look from their hair and makeup is a challenge but one I love. Thats probably why I do so many Yorkshire weddings, once you’ve done a few then the recommendations seem to flow which is nice. I can get very busy in summer so do find if im free once you have ‘saved the day’ – give me a call or drop me a line

- Please recheck your ID.

Party + Prom hair and makeup

I love to sift through magazines and websites in search of inspiration. As a mobile hairdresser and makeup artist people often say “I want something different” or “what would you recommend” and I try and create a style that looks great, with wow factor but something that they can live with too. I think that being happy with your hair is one small step to even better self confidence and being happy with yourself. Let me help you create an amazing hairstyle style or cut thats yours alone – give me a call or drop me a line

Amazing Hair!

Ok so from time to time I get to work with models and photogrphers buts lets face it this is studio hair not hte sort of thing you wear to work or a trip to the supermarket. If you want to hire me to do the hair and make up on your next professional studio session or photo shoot then  – give me a call or drop me a line

Amazing Makeup!

Just like the amazing hairstyles in the collection above these are a real flight of fancy and yet its surprising how often a small element makes its way into mainstream makeup. If you want simply amazing makeup for your next event then – give me a call or drop me a line